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Just to let Abingdon know that "Street fighting Man" the life story of Legendary Bare Knuckle world champion Paddy Monaghan is out now in hardback and in all good book shops.

Paddy Monaghans book is a terrific read and a real page turner as it charts his life and times and follows his great freindship with Muhammed Ali who visited Paddy at his home in Saxton road on many occasions.
It includes many photographs of Paddy including those taken with Ali at Saxton road which many Abingdon people may or may not be familiar with.
Abingdon is mentioned many times throughout the book, even by Muhammed Ali himself who loved meeting the people of Abingdon whenever he visited the man he considered his brother, Paddy Monaghan.

I have been in contact with Paddy and he hopes to visit Abingdon in Early May to see old freinds and promote his book. Paddy would like to send his best wishes to the people of Abingdon for whom he holds dear memories and is looking forward to meeting and greeting you all very soon.

Please take the time to buy Paddys book as it reveals a side to Paddy that many people were not aware of when he lived in Abingdon.That behind his public freindship with Ali and running the boys boxing club at ther Gaol he was in fact secretly making a name for himself as a Bareknuckle boxer and finally achieved world champion middle weight status after a record 114 fight wins!
Muhammed Ali himself has written a foreword to Paddys book which I think sums up how much this Abingdon man has meant to him personally.

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