Wildlife Of The World photography exhibition

8th November 2017 to 12th November 2017, 10:00 to 15:00 at Location Bray House Westcott Way Maidenhead , Westacott Way, Littlewick Green, Maidenhead (21.5 miles)

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Open 10am to 3pm Daily
Cost Free Public Admission

The photographers participating in this theme have sent us striking images of the widest range of species, from elephants to insects. Many of the images in this exhibition highlight the relationships that species have with their habitats. What shines through is the photographers admiration and empathy with the subject, together with their sheer joy and sense of privilege of being able to photograph them.

We hope this exhibition will encourage our visitors to make a personal commitment to help preserve our biosphere and its fauna. After all, most of our genes are also found in many animals. It is ignorant of us to ignore our true nature.

WILDLIFE OF THE WORLD is a touring photographic exhibition created and supported by The Photographic Angle.

Please check website prior to attendance for latest information as dates may be subject to change.
Disabled visitors are advised to check with us before visiting an exhibition so that suitable access can be provided.

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Image: David Southern, Night Heron