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This article pinpoints Dixsons Row. "The first eight houses of Northbourne were built in 1868 on land sold by Stephen Dixon. These fronted the south side of what was then known as Wallingford Road, now Lower Broadway, between High Street and Mereland Road. Then came two large groups of cottages in Church Street, built c 1870-71 by Dixon, one of which, on the south side, was called 'Dixon's Row'. The other streets were laid down in the 1870's and 80's and given the modern road names in 1897. In 1880, the Northbourne development consisted of 65 houses; of which Dixon owned 20, the other 45 by 15 owners of whom the largest owned eight. By 1900, Northbourne was practically complete within the confines of its eight streets". I will pop along there and see if any nameplate still exists.

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