Re: Didcot is better then Abingdon

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> Didcot is miles better free parking more shops and a multiplex cinema, and
> more importantly a road system that works unlike Abingdon and Oxford Didcot
> is not anti-car and phase 2 of the Orchard centre is due to start in the
> very near future bringing more shops and leisure facilities!.

I moved to Didcot from Abingdon just to be near the station, and yes Didcot may have a better traffic infrastructure, but the shops in the Orchard centre arenít all that good. And the trouble the Orchard centre get in the evenings with teenage hoodie thugs is incredible. You canít go for a meal out, or to the Cornerstone Art Centre for fear of being mugged or abused by this scum. The crime rate in Didcot is getting higher every week, and the Police donít have an answer for it. Wish I hadnít moved!

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