Get into history for fun !!!

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Come and see us at the Hendreds Primary school fete on the 14th June from 2-4 pm and see what sort of things we get upto.......

Looking for a new hobby?

Something, that’s sociable and fun for all the family?

Then why not join the largest re-enactment Society in Europe!

I would like to introduce you to Earl Rivers Regiment of Foote. A Royalist Regiment of the sealed knot. (English Civil War Re-enactment society)

The Regiment is based in the Thames valley but we have members throughout Britain and even as far afield as Germany.

During the year the Sealed Knot puts on hundreds of events throughout the U.K. Ranging from Major Civil War battles, where literally thousands of members will come together to re-enact a large battle to small displays.

The Sealed knot is not a male orientated hobby; we have hundreds of Fe-male members ranging from Commanding officers to water carriers


Why not try our FREE introductory battle? With uniform supplied!
If you would like to know more about joining us, take a look at our website on; for details of what a new recruit can expect at their first event.

or contact our recruitment officer on;