Some reviews of Paddy's Book"street figting man"

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Paddy has asked if I could place on the forum some examples of the great reviews his book is recieving so here they are.



1. Customer Review by David Liegh, London . England
No need for 500 words to describe Paddy Monaghan,s book - streetfighting man .Its by far the best biography i have ever read , So in one word i say EXCELLENT . David Liegh.

2. Customer Review by William Rye, England
SUPERB . excellent you name it yes i was hooked throughout , and no -other book has impressed me that way before' I hated coming to the end as i was so engrossed in this fantastic book that i wanted to read on -and - on A sequel please . ?? Street fighting man is deffinatly the most inspiring and THE BEST biography I ever read . William Rye.

3. Customer Review by Linda S. Anderson, Enniskillen, Nth., Ireland .
A wonderful book , full of mixed and warm emotions , strong and hard- hitting also. In fact it contains everything you could wish from a book., It made me laugh made me cry. It is the BEST book i have EVER had . Street fighting man is just EXCELLENT . Linda Anderson.

Street fighting man
with the Wife & Children away at my mother-in-laws for the bank holliday I thought I was in for a boring few days..But how wrong I was !!!! because I got to read THE BEST biography I ever came accross-Paddy Monaghan,s STREET FIGHTING MAN , it kept my mind allert and occupied like no other book has done before.
My Family returned last night , and my Wife was excpecting to find the house in a mess , but much to her surprise it was just as she left it , as i was engulfed in Paddys book sat in my arm chair , and i never even went out for my usual pint with the ladds .
I just found it impossible to put the book down. I am also a big Muhammad Ali fan , who has read every book about him., Although this is not another Ali book I am even more impressed by Ali by reading about him and his friendship with Paddy ,this has made me admire Muhammad even more than ever .Paddy Monaghan has now became a hero also . I congradulate and thank you Paddy for sharing part of your fantastic story with us I have just one favour to ask Paddy .... write a follow - up PLEASE.?
In conclusion , my verdict and summing up of street fighting man ....ITS THE BOOK OF THE YEAR .
Colin Spencer.
London .

street fighting man. by paddy monaghan
Ihave heard a lot about paddy , and ive seen quite a few of his fights in hendon., He was a truly all time great bare knuckle champion of the world.,and in my oppinion as like many others ..he was the best pound for pound bare knuckl fighter of all time . We know he has a great story to tell and im looking forward to reading what im sure is goin to be a BEST SELLER.
From Clive Knowels.
page for page the best hardman book in print., 23 April 2008
By I. S. Widley (England) - See all my reviews

Having fought Paddy I can confirm his fighting ability, he truly was in my oppinion pound for pound the greatest bare knuckle fighter of them all.Thirty odd years on and I swear I can still feel some of the shots he caught me with , after a painfull start we became good friends and I found out what a great character he is and this book catches Paddy's story perfectly from his days of suffering in school to becoming a world champion and the extraordinary chain of events that led to his long standing friendship with proberly the greatest champion in boxing history. If you want a book to read that will keep you interested till the last page this is the one for you.